Oh hello again! Yep, that's me up there, back when I was still waiting on my sweet girl to make her entrance into the world. She's a HUGE part of the reason why I decided to take action on creating multiple streams of passive income in my life because I plan to give her the world & more! Ok, ready for the rest of my "Married 3 Times" story? Come along!

  • I'm sure you're wondering "Why would you get married three times to the same guy?!" Clearly, I LOVE this guy, let's just start there, haha. Secondly, a part of my culture requires us to have what's called a Traditional Ceremony where our families come together for a huge celebration that initially signifies our union as one...

  • The second time we got married was actually intended to be our regular BIG wedding ceremony, with a reception to follow, but Covid had OTHER plans. So we pivoted, & did a very intimate ceremony with just our immediate family members, & let me just say it was one of the best days of my life!

  • The third time we got married was just as magical as the first two times, but we were FINALLY able to celebrate with our family members, friends, and loved ones! When you place passion behind any goal or dream, the outcome far outweighs anything you could have ever imagined it to be prior to seeing it to fruition.


I personally decorated my first and third weddings?! From the centerpieces, to the 10ft. balloon ring, to the bridesmaids flowers & my bouquet, wedding invites, signage, table numbers, etc. I DID IT ALL!

I was determined to prove that not only could I save money DIY-ing, but I could also do anything, & I mean anything, I put my mind to. When you think of Entrepreneurial Spirit, think of the dedication & passion you have for something that you truly believe in, or hold dear to your heart...THAT is how you will determine where you'll place your stamp in the online digital world.

With this type of mindset, creating multiple streams of passive income online will come natural to you! If you're here to 'get-rich-quick', hate to break it to ya pal, but this is NOT that.

Learn everything you can, put in motion all that you have learned, & never stop learning! Together we will make sure your dreams come true, & you start to bring in that additional monthly $5K, $10K or more that could benefit you & your family.

  • The possibilities are Endless!

  • You have what it takes to be successful!

  • All you have to do is START!

I hope my products not only bring great value to your life, but that my passion for digital products has also positively impacted you in some way. Don't forget to say Hi! I love new friends.

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